Academic Programs & Courses at Duke

Here at Duke Academy we have students enrolling on a full-time basis, a complete academic high school year, and students who take individual courses. Duke offers most of the courses required for achieving the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Duke's semesters are shorter than the usual 5 months; you can start the courses you need at almost any time in the year.

We regularly offer the popular senior (Grade 11 and 12) courses, at the University Preparation level:

Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Advanced Functions, Calculus, Data Management, Economics, and English.

We also offer the Grade 12 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC).

If you need grade 9 or 10 courses, or subjects that are not listed above, contact us! We frequently offer other subjects and grades; the course you need may be starting soon!

Duke Professional Studies
You can study individual workshops and courses at Duke to explore and discover your individual talent and imagination. Courses are taught by experienced professionals in the field with strong academic backgrounds.

Successful completion of the courses will award you with the Recognition of Achievement. The courses can be transferred to the college diploma programs at DUKE.

Computer Essential

In this course, students learn how to create, edit, format and print documents using advanced Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Other topics covered in this course are Internet tools and navigations and the use of search engines.

Marketing & Sales Fundamentals

Acquire a basic understanding of functions and concepts of marketing and sales in today’s business environment. This course familiarizes students with the marketplace, consumer behavior, branding, distribution and promotions.

Office Administration Basics

Study the basic concepts for book keeping, simple accounting, invoice preparation and business writing. This course is designed to meet the needs of those individuals who would like to get into the financial industry.

Business Writing

Develop proficiency in spelling, punctuations, and grammar and usage skills. Prepare to write basic business correspondence, resumes, short reports and promotional materials. The writing skills developed in this course help students both in their job search and in the work place.

Building Construction Workshop

Examine materials and construction methods common to the residential construction sector. Reviewing and interpreting working drawings and specifications will assist students to understand the application of materials and construction methods employed in residential projects.

Interior Design Seminar

This dynamic course covers topic such as decorating rooms, wall covering, and creating harmony in rooms and Adobe Photoshop for interior decorating. Create effective use of space and design interiors that work functionally and aesthetically.

Fitness Trainer Workshop

Nowadays, more people engage in physical activity to remain healthy. The demand for fitness has resulted in more jobs in the exercise and fitness industry. The Fitness Trainer Workshop is designed to prepare students for a career in the fitness industry by teaching the skills to develop and implement basic fitness programs for individual and groups.