Welcome to Duke College

Welcome to Duke College

The vision of Duke College is to unite a global community of faculties to provide high quality education, to foster global awareness, and to improve conceptual, practical and social intelligence skills of the global leaders of tomorrow.

Duke has remained true to its original goals of:

  • Developing students’ global skills by analyzing the real life case studies in the classroom.
  • Understanding students' particular academic needs and designing individual-student-centered programs to overcome the learning barriers.
  • AcKnowledging the importance of students’ conceptual analysis and logical reasoning skills and strengthening those skills by our expert instructors.
  • Educating students on superior skills with the comprehensive programs within the context of the broad range of development domains.

Duke College provides high quality education to qualified students around the globe. Not only students can attend Duke’s traditional school setting, but also, they can have access to its unique programs via on-line technologies. Today, Duke students are dispersed in Canada, United States, South American, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia.

Duke programs are based on the foundation of global practical knowledge transfer through in-class and distant learning methodology to meet the needs of global students. Our programs resonate-yet they also present something entirely new, they are not just other educational programs, they are an act of pure transmission.